Friday, June 06, 2008

Haha wooops....

Okay, I'm failing horribly at consistently updating this thing. Forgive me pleaseeeee....
School's over now and I'm home for the summer. I really wanted to go back the first few weeks but now it feels nice to relax and do primarily nothing. I'm doing some drawings for family friends and stuff and making some moneys so that's cool and stuff. I'm planning on playing guitar, drawing (hopefully a lot), animating (also hopefully at all), and learning to cook.

Here's a shirt design I did for my friend's band! Wooooo!

Hmmmm I can't seem to get any more drawings up here. I'll put up some stuff from my portfolio when blogger decides to let me upload stuff again.

I'll post more stuff soooon!

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brigette b said...

Yeah, the portfolio thing is ALWAYS like that...the DVD burner isn't working and then the printer runs out of Magenta and then photoshop crashes and then you remember you left that other thingy that you need upstairs and then before you know it it's 6am.

Well, I'm glad you got that experience 1st year instead of say, 4th. Now you're prepared!

I love that monster band guy, by the way. He's awesome! I want to hug him. And buy his latest album.