Saturday, June 07, 2008

An attempt

Okay I've been trying for a little bit and I've managed to get three pages from my portfolio up.

This is a drawing of my roommate I did. He did saxophone and clarinet and radness on the music for my film.

This is an idea I had. I think I could have drawn it better. The dog is singing the guitar playing blahhh.

Life drawing and stuffff.

I'll keep trying. Maybe it's better if I upload it in bits like this so it seems like I'm updating regularly. Hahahahadljfa;dlfja;dlfsfd.


Ethan Hegge said...

yay for updating, great pages mr. jeff. hope your having a restful summer good sit. more drawing!

Zesung Jason Kang said...

WOOOO UPDATE!!!! HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA yeah!!, dude the top picture is so BOMB. woohooooooooooo