Monday, June 09, 2008

Ghost in the Toast

This is an idea I sort of came up with at the end of the semester for this silly project for Hobaica's class (that I didn't need to take but was pretty fun). We had to do a "time based" project which could be a whole range of things. I was crazy and insisted on doing this thirty second animation with full color and a soundtrack. Luckily my fellow group members Teryn and Hilary were willing to go along with my insane ploy and we got the whole thing done in five days. I played the guitars and Teryn made the awesome singing noises with her magical voice of magic. We also had some super awesome help from Marina and Michelle who both animated awesome awesomeness. They did the last shot with the bubbles which Hilary colored with her crazy genius color powers. (also she did the background) Nicole helped color some of Teryn's prismacolor marker animation.
It's like Ghost in the Shell but like without the robots and existentialism.

And here's some sort of concepty stuff I did and put into my portfolio.

I did this the night before the portfolios were do kind of for fun even though it's ridiculous to do this much work so close to the deadline. The colors are really weird...something I didn't really catch through the haze of my tiredness. It was a fun learning experience though cause I haven't really done rendered looking stuff like this in PS. The characters are kind of weird looking.... OH WELL.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

An attempt

Okay I've been trying for a little bit and I've managed to get three pages from my portfolio up.

This is a drawing of my roommate I did. He did saxophone and clarinet and radness on the music for my film.

This is an idea I had. I think I could have drawn it better. The dog is singing the guitar playing blahhh.

Life drawing and stuffff.

I'll keep trying. Maybe it's better if I upload it in bits like this so it seems like I'm updating regularly. Hahahahadljfa;dlfja;dlfsfd.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Haha wooops....

Okay, I'm failing horribly at consistently updating this thing. Forgive me pleaseeeee....
School's over now and I'm home for the summer. I really wanted to go back the first few weeks but now it feels nice to relax and do primarily nothing. I'm doing some drawings for family friends and stuff and making some moneys so that's cool and stuff. I'm planning on playing guitar, drawing (hopefully a lot), animating (also hopefully at all), and learning to cook.

Here's a shirt design I did for my friend's band! Wooooo!

Hmmmm I can't seem to get any more drawings up here. I'll put up some stuff from my portfolio when blogger decides to let me upload stuff again.

I'll post more stuff soooon!