Saturday, March 01, 2008

Power Outage

Hey this update is on Saturday not Friday but that is because there was a power outage yesterday. I was in the middle of testing some animation on the lunchbox thing right when it happened too. It lasted until like 10PM or something but I didn't feel like going back to work. It was kind of a nice break but sort of inconvenient since I've been getting behind due to a combination of sickness and allergies.

Here's a photoshop thing. It's a birthday card I did for my mommmmmm.


Zesung Jason Kang said...

it probably says "happy birthday mom, this way back home" on it. Just from my intuition.

amelia said...

I hope you didn't lose any work from the outage. It can be frustrating to get pulled out of a project, but it's definitely good to take a break now and then. It was a sign! You needed a break!
Beautiful painting too!