Friday, February 22, 2008

Update 2/22!

I made a youtube account so I can upload my animation nonsense.
Here's a snowman thing I did last semester in Maya class. It's the only movie I have exported properly for the internets at the moment. I'll upload the little reel thing I made for the scholarship review thing once I export it.

There's a lecture by the Dreamworks folks tonight but I'm contemplating not going so I can animate more. Hmmmm... I'm hungry.

-later that night
Here's the reel thing. It's got assignments from Mike Nguyen's animation class thing, some maya stuff, some random flash poop I did in my free time, and the animatic for my freshman film.


amelia said...


kris anka said...


dude the mickey mouse tests are flippin awesome

Zesung Jason Kang said...

awesome.i love your acting, your a genius.

Cindey said...

i loved the mickey mouse tests too hahaa really really awesome.

bj said...

Hi! Hope you don't mind...check out mynotsofunnycomix blog, it's me Ellen's mom!