Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Okay here's what I was going to post yesterday.
Us CSSSA people were really loud and annoying I bet.
I was contemplating going and finding people in the cubes and I actually walked up there but I decided not to bother anyone especially when I saw all those curtains up over the cubes which seemed to say "hey I'm trying to finish a film here, go away."

CalArts in the morning.

CSSSA kids. This photo is weird. It's like I'm exuding some magical force that's making everyone else all blurry.


amelia said...

YAY! I recognize those people! Except the person in the middle, its too blurry...who was that?

jeff said...

Doug from musicccccc. He did the music we used in that silly pixelation thing.

brigette b said...

Mr Skribbles hair is long...dammit, I should have looked for you guys!

Stupid films, preventing me from reminiscing with my CSSSA kids.

Cindey said...

yaaaay calarts!

Sirose said...

Aww! :{

Brian B said...

Haha, cool stuff. Wish I could be there