Sunday, April 29, 2007


Guhh I reaaally wish I could have gone to the open show. If CalArts was in San Francisco, it would make life much easier. It would also save me from having to live in Valencia for four years. Ohhh well.

I finished this huge ass painting.
I've done so many self-portraits for my stupid AP art portfolio thing. It's almost over though. High school is almost over too. How wonderful.


Sezura said...

Crazy kid :D

Found you! Your drawings look like a lot of fun. Can't wait to work with you in the fall.

I'll have a big update within the next two days.

Keep on postin' and take care


Car2oon said...

Hey cool! You got into Calarts! Who am I? A random Calarts hopeful for now. I really want to get in. Practicing alot. Maybe you could stop by my blog and critique my stuff? (Of what little there is.)I haven't started my portfolio yet, just improving my skills first, but maybe you could share some tips and insights on how you got in?
That painting, pretty cool btw. Congrats.

Fabien said...

cool! im jealous!! escape those hands of judgement! whats that in oils or acrylicS?

jeff said...

Acrylics. I haven't tried oils yet. They smell bad.

Tom Moore said...

Dude, this painting is awesome. I love the colors and mood. I should start a painting or something.

Anonymous said...

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