Saturday, March 03, 2007


Me and Amelia met in San Francisco land to go to Wondercon.
the reason:

I was excited fort he film because of Brad Bird's involvement, but a bit unsure about the premise: a cooking rat. But after seeing some footage and listening to Mister Brad Man talk about it, I'm much more excited about it. He also said that his next project would be in live action. He then went on to say that, unlike a lot of animation directors who move to live action, he has no intent of abandoning animation forever.

And here's some assorted photos I took the rest of the day.

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Cindey said...

ahhhhh Brad Bird!!!I'm looking forward to Ratatouille. :D
The birdy photo is great and I MISS YOU GUYSSS. It's the middle of March, not much left of it... waiting waiting waiting *heartattack!*