Saturday, March 31, 2007

current status

Okay so from our CSSSA class....
Bona's in.
Cindey's in.
Zac's in.
Jushtin's in. (I think)
Janessa's in.
Eric's in.
I'm in.

Sirose got rejected-
Totally confusing.

Amelia's wait listed-
She has to wait until June!

Damn CalArts.


amelia said...

It's so awesome that these CSSSA kids got in. I'm proud of all of them! GO FLOOOVDE!!!
And yeah, Sirose getting the letter?! WHA THE HECK??
Have fun in Tahoe this weeeek

Brian B said...

Hey man, thanks for the comment. I understand somewhat what they have to do though. I'm just trying to take it as motivation to become more versatile and learn new ways to approach drawing. Can't be a bad thing.

As for those who got wait listed. Not entirely sure if this will happen - but a few people who were wait listed on Mario's forums said the following year they were offered the first spots for the incoming class next year. Whether that happens or not to all those wait listed, I'm not sure. There could be dissapointment in expecting that. But it's something. Take it and run with it I say.

Again, thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

brigette b said...

Janessa and Eric too?? Eric Anderson? THAT'S no big, you guys are more phenomenal than I thought.

brigette b said...

Oh yeah, and Jushtin IS in.

Cindey said...

YAY!!! Mini csssa 06 reunion! Are there any others that applied? Sirose getting the letter is not making sense and totally confusing :( AND amelia wait listed.. UGHHHHH.

Sirose said...

I like the CalArts but the CalArts don't like me.


You kids have fun for me though, kay? I may join you in your third year depending if I'm still not sore and holding a grudge towards the school.