Saturday, February 17, 2007


Little Miss Sunshine is a mega good movie. I like it.
I decided to do some drawings of some shots I liked. I haven't done this since CSSSA. I really wanted to do the one where Paul Dano runs down the hill screaming but I can't make myself draw anymore right now.

Here's some life drawing.

And a drawing from mega long ago. Gundam Wing was on Cartoon Network and I loved it.

Also, I found this on youtube. I think I like it more than what they ended up with in the actual video. Every single Gorillaz video off of Demon Days besides Feel Good Inc that I've seen has had the sound off-sync. That bothers me greatly. I'm susupicious that they're not even synched properly at all.

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amelia said...

I wanted to do that with the Matrix but couldn't sit myself down to do it. P'raps I'll try it again...
MEGA neato drawrings.