Monday, January 22, 2007

Second Semester

First semester is over. Finally.
January is almost over. Which means that it's almost February which means it's almost March. Argh.

In other news, me and Amelia went to National Portfolio Day in San Francisco two days ago. We went to the Academy of Art and School of Visual Arts review tables but of course the main event was CalArts. Leo Hobaica was the reviewer guy which was a surprise I guess. He said my work was "...good," and then he talked about what I should do if I don't get in for a long time. And wobbled his head. I didn't have any of my 18 x 24 drawings which probably would have given him a better idea of what I can do but they're at CalArts right now (I hope).
Anyways, while we were walking back to the Ferry Building where Amelia got here from, we found a tree with a bunch of parrots on it. And people feeding them. I took some cool photos of Amelia with parrots on her but I can't find my camera. I'll put them up eventually.

Aaand there was no school today because we just had finals. I didn't do like...anything all day. But there was life drawing at the community center. The model was mega ripped. He was cool to draw.

Aaand here's a photo of all us kids from CSSSA I thought I'd post.


amelia said...

I liked it when one landed on your camera...

Sirose said...

I find I can't draw male models in life drawing. Their tiddly bits distract me. :\

Oh, CSSSA. How I miss that summer.

Cindey said...

great drawings! I love the first one. wobble wobble I wish I could find a tree with parrots on it, find your camera! I want to see the pictureeees.

CSSSSSA! My hair sure has grown. I wonder if say- 10 years from now if someone would look at that picture and go: hey, those 6 work at (insert studio), those 3 have their own studio, blah blah blah.

jennifermlee said...

HAHAHA you got hobachi to review your stuff? that's hilarious... he's out "color and design" teacher. he knows his design, not his animation. he's really into fine arts so yeah... you wouldn't have gotten much out of him..