Monday, January 01, 2007

Hey it's 2007. Neat.
School starts up again tomorrow morning, a circumstance which is exceedingly not neat in any way.

Here's a drawing of a girl with her arms behind her back or something. I like the colors.


Cindey said...

hey you!
I like the colours and the hair. Happy New Year, Jeff! I hope you had a good holiday, school starts tomorrow for me- and I haven't talked to you in forever. So something must be done about that.

Said Sirose said...

Sweet! What kind've paper did you use? :O

I was at Sunset Blvd. a while back ago and visited a Hot Topic where I saw someone wearing Santa hat. To this I yelled "OH MY GOD, JEFF!"

But it was not you. It was a lady.

jeff said...

Holy crap, it's you!

Oh and that's watercolor paper. I got this neato sketchbook which alternates between normal paper and watercolor paper. It's also wider rather than tall like most sketchbooks which I like more.