Monday, January 15, 2007

egon schiele

Wow. I bought a big ass book of Egon Schiele drawings and paintings and it is rad to the max. I had heard multiple times about how awesome he was but I'd never really seen his stuff before. He was born in 1890 which I think is crazy. I thought he was from the late 1900's.
I scanned a drawing from the book because it's too small to see.

There's also a drawing he did when he was 15 in there. I thought it was interesting.

Too bad he died at age 28 to a flu epidemic. He still produced a ton of work. I wanna go to Vienna some day to see his stuff in the museum thing there.

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Cindey said...

I've only seen some of his work from photos on the internet, but I am interested in seeing more. Maybe I'll go see if they have a book with his stuff in the library. :D