Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well Sam coaxed me into putting my portfolio online.

Here it is.

And here's the little animated thing I sent too. It's mega short.


There was also a sketchbook totally filled up back to front but that would take too long to scan.


Cindey said...

Jeff... amazing portfolio. It's definitely got a lot of personality. I love the mandrill drawing! It made me laugh.. :) All of your self portraits were pretty fantastic.

What kind of stuff did you have in your sketchbook?

jeff said...

Uhhh....just a bunch of silly doodles. And drawings of people at school.

Sirose said...


Wow. :O

jennifermlee said...

great stuff!

and i noticed how you mentioned using 18x24 in your other post, well the life drawing teachers here LOVE that hahaha and also, think about adding papers together.. making it even BIGGER and LONGER. the more you expand your limits, the more you'll just keep improving. i hope that you get in Jeff! you have a great sense of what you want in your drawings and yes, personality definitely shows!

(when do you find out about getting in or not? let me know!)

jeff said...

Hey you posted on my thing! Yay! You're all craaazy good an' stuff.
Anyways, thanks for da feedback.
I'm guessing we find out sometime in March from what I've been told. I'll be sure to make the results known.

Tom Moore said...

If for some reason you don't get in, it will be a travesty of justice. These are all very strong. And if you submitted a sketchbook in addition, I think you're as good as in.

However, I like to play Devil's Advocate sometimes so take my optimism for your portfolio with a grain of salt. But yeah, good stuff. It'll be cool to see you next year.