Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dragging my butt through a pile of gravel

Thats kinda how school feels this year.
I don't like it too much.

Aaaanyways. I did something neat on Monday. I took my friend's laptop and a mouse to life drawing and I used ms paint to draw through the whole session. It's pretty difficult to draw with the mouse but I think I'm pretty good with it by now after using it so much during class, drawing with ms paint when I should be researching or something. I like to impair my ability to draw. I might be wrong but I think that it forces me to pay better attention and I draw better. Also I'm less anxious about drawing well so the result is usually better. At CSSSA, Corny had us draw with our non dominant hand sometimes and one time we drew with three foot sticks with drawing stuff attached to the ends.

Here's some drawings from the thing.

I hope CalArts likes these. I'm putting them in my portfolio.