Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And now...

we wait.

I mailed off the portfolio last Thursday. My brain felt really fried that day.
I decided not to come to school so that I could figure out how to get flash and quicktime to work together since apparently quicktime 7 really dislikes flash. So after a few really frustrating hours, I figured out that there's some stoopid setting I need to turn on which didn't exist in the older versions of quicktime. By then I got the .mov file I exported from flash to work. But now a new problem came up: flash based quicktime files don't work in iMovie, the program I needed to use to export my animation to a video camera so that I could then transfer that onto a VHS. I had to buy quicktime pro for 30 bucks so that I could convert the .mov into a .dv but luckily, after that everything went smoothly.
I put a few more drawings into my portfolio case but then I had to go to school to take an in class essay in English. Oddly, I feel like I did pretty well on it. Anyways, I came home and then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to put in more drawings. Once behind those sheets of plastic, everything I've drawn looks much worse to me for some reason. I kept second guessing whether I should send certain drawings. Whatever. I finally got everything in there.
And we we're off to Fed Ex. We spent a long time trying to pad the big box they gave us so that my painting wouldn't get all banged up. I hope the box isn't too big. Argh.
Anyways, it's sent. Needless to say, I'm quite eager for the response.

Here's the little animated bit I put onto a VHS. It's only like two minutes long.

I painted a little message on my portfolio.

And here's a drawing I did to put in the first page.

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Cindey said...

1) good luck!
2) I bet your portfolio cover will catch their eyes
3) you got a haircut! :0